Counterfeit gowns…..

“Brides Beware” is the warning from our designers!!!

Many a girl has been victim to online “bargain” designer bridal gowns, only to find themselves out of pocket (and sometimes out of time) with a disappointing gown of severely inferior quality.

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These counterfeit products are produced with the sole intention of deceiving customers. The sale, purchase and production of these gowns is illegal in most countries and has often been found to fund organised crime and terrorism. These products are often produced in sweatshops with little or no protection for workers and have been found to use child labour.

So how can you protect yourself and ensure you have the perfect and genuine bridal gown that you deserve for your big day? By only purchasing your gown through an authorised stockist. Our designers all have a store locator within their website that will show you your nearest retailer. Bridal boutiques will often have a sticker in the window, proudly displaying the fact that they are authorised stockists. Bridal designers do not sell directly to the public through the internet, and you should look to check that prices are consistent across different shops, so if a price seems to good to be true, it probably is!!

Now, in a further effort to defeat the counterfeiters, the very lovely people at Justin Alexander now issue a Certificate of Authenticity with each of their gowns, so you can rest assured that you will be receiving a genuine Justin Alexander gown, finished to perfection and ready for your most precious of days.


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