Top Tips for Buying Your Gown in the Sale

SALE: Sunday 18th August 2013

By Appointment Only.

 We have a few little hints and tips designed to help you find your perfect gown.

Your appointment will last 1 hour so please allow yourself plenty of time to locate us and park.

There is a car park behind the shop.

The appointment is not exclusive, there will be another Bride trying gowns too.

You will have time to try around six gowns on.

We will have a selection of accessories to choose from. In our experience you will save time by choosing your gown and then choosing your accessories.

All our gowns are ex display. They have been tried on in the boutique and have been very well looked after. Alterations are charged separately.

All dresses are Sold as Seen and we will be offering no exchanges or refunds on theses gowns. This does not effect your Statutory rights.

Ok, that’s the science bit out of the way, now on to successful sale shopping!

Be prepared to purchase

A Sample Sale is a one off day where bridal gowns are greatly reduced to offer you a chance of a designer sample gown at an amazing price. These gowns don’t stick around for long so decisiveness is needed ladies! We have had many a disappointed lady who has returned to find that the gown she was considering has gone.

Have an idea of what you are looking for

A sample sale is not the time to start your search for the perfect gown. Its a busy day which requires a strong idea of the style of gown you are looking for. Due to the number of sale gowns on offer, we have had to limit your selected gowns to try to a maximum of 6.

Trust your own instincts

Now you are prepared to find your dream gown and you know what you are looking for, trust your instincts. Opinions are great, but remember, yours is the only one that matters!

And most importantly HAVE FUN!!!


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