Sunny Saturday Craziness!!!!

I think the sun has got to Polly today,

She’s just put lovely “JODIE” in the sale at a CRAZZZZY price!!


“Jodie” by Justin Alexander (style:8610)

“Jodie” is £1360 to order, or our sample is now only £845!!!

And why has she done this?

To make some more space for our NEW GOWNS!!!!!!

I spent a very hot yesterday steaming these lovelies!!!

1956 KITTY

“KITTY” by Mori Lee (style 1956)


“BETSY” by Mori Lee (style: 1960)

DITTA 1951

“DITTA” by Mori Lee (style: 1951)

And we are very excited to announce that we have a new collection arriving from


Our first two samples arrived yesterday and more are to follow soon.

If you’re looking for a lace gown, you MUST try this one on…

Emma BT13-1

“Emma” by Beautiful by Enzoani.


“Julia” by Beautiful by Enzoani, (style BT13-4)

A very lovely crinkle chiffon gown, so elegant and lightweight,

perfect for a beach wedding!

We’ll keep you posted of the new gowns as they arrive here, on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Enjoy the sunny weekend ladies!!


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