Hands up who likes cake!

Oh okay, that’s EVERYONE!!

One of the perks of working at True Romantica (apart from wearing tiaras when no-one’s looking)

is that we occasionally get to sample wedding cakes, and sometimes even cake from our brides!

Oh happy, happy days!

And as I just love all things pretty and bridal I couldn’t resist sharing a bit of wedding cake inspiration…

image via Belle the Magazine

Teal and mint colour ways  and Ombre shading, two MAJOR trends ladies!

I’m so excited about that graduated hit of colour, it looks so fabulous!!

Image via Lavish Weddings

Two trends in one again, with contemporary chic grey updated to create a very elegant look….


image via The Knotty Bride

So very pretty in pink….


image via Belle and Chic

And look…..Secret Ombre!!

Colour hidden on the inside like a lovely little surprise for your guests!!

(….and such cute little bunting as a topper….)

So think outside of the cake tin my lovelies, and create a striking centre piece for you day….


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